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Advantages to Selling Your Property Owner Financed

* Get Rid Of All Expenses and Repairs and Keep The CASH FLOW
* Get a Better Price
* Earn a good Interest Rate (usually 5 to 6%)
* No Appraisal
* No more Condo Fees
* No more Repairs
* No more Property Taxes
* No more Insurance Payments
* No more Worries of ownership
* Defer capitol gains (may only owe gain on the principal collected each year)
* You become the bank and make all the interest
* Mortgage is secured by the property
*** Bottom Line, you enjoy the income without the hassle of ownership!

If you are interested in enjoying the many benefits of selling owner financed please contact me with you property information and I will let you know how much you can sell it for.
Email me or (850) 319-6324

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Todays Best Buys Not Owner Financed Below
These properties have indicated possible owner financing in MLS
Purchase your property with owner financing.
* Lower closing cost.
* Minimum Paperwork.
* Faster closing.
* Non-Qualifying in most cases.
* Great Terms in most cases.
* Does not show on credit report.
* Usually required a 20% down payment.
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